Monday, April 11, 2011

Camp Town Lady

 I promised pictures.
I replaced my camera tonight
and she is charging.
This picture is from my phone today.
She is pretty sweet.
She is a 1964 Layton.
I googled top names in 1964.
She is named Lisa Patricia Layton.
I am setting off a bug bomb 
first thing in the morning.
I don't want any surprises 
when I am cleaning her.
I am thinking she is getting
a new coat of pink paint.
She needs to match her sister.

You can see I have a lot of 
planting and rock moving to do also.
I have a busy week
keeping grandkids a couple of days,
helping a friend with a wedding,
re-doing a room 
with Annie for a client,
and hosting
an anniversary party on Sunday,
so I don't expect much progress 
to be made on either of these girls.
But next week 
it's on like Donkey Kong.
I need a name for the playhouse.
Any suggestions??
I got nothing.

Pinky Tuscadero?  No.
Remember her?
She annoyed me.
Ponder it, and get back to me.
I am off to practice my Kum bay ya
so I am ready for the campfire
when Lisa Pat is finished.


  1. Whew..good for you with the new camera. I have a thing for campers. My dream is to own an airstream and have pretty little curtains and all things girlie in it. Oh to dream!

  2. Love your blog , came here through Jamie at Koop Keeper. I have a new craft studio and I am calling her The Good Wife. Putting up my sign as soon as we get back home to Canada from Yuma.

  3. If you see another like Lisa (and for similar price), jump on it for us. We'll pay you commission. She is awesome.

    Wasn't there a Pinkie Lee? Your shed could be Pinkie Leigh...

  4. What a great trailer, Janie! and you couldn't beat the price....lucky girl!

  5. I think Rosy would be a good name for your new camper!!! love your blog!!! i too was blessed with a sweet daughter with DS. I got your link through your Annies blog!!!!

  6. I love that camper, I would HAVE to have some pink flamingos (spelling?)in the yard with it, can't wait to see it painted. How about Petunia for the house, the Blooming Petunia. My best friend was a chubby little girl and always had pink cheeks, my daddy always called her Petunia (petunia pig, on porky pig) I know, that was mean. But he called her that until he passed away 2 years ago, even though we were 43 years old and she is slim now. Anytime I see pink I think of Petunia's cheeks.

  7. How about Spun Sugar or Cotton Candy ? I just love those two little get aways - so cute ! They'd never, ever allow such happy things in this town - we're not even allowed to park our motorhome in our own driveway !!!!

    Enjoy your play time !g


  8. HA! For a second I thought you were going to say her name is Lisa Marie Presley!!!


  9. Ohhh now please tell me we are going to go on a road trip with our Vintage Campers! How fun would that be!? Love it. Love it.


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