Tuesday, April 12, 2011

adios amigos

My nephew Joel is living abroad.
He is in school
and is studying in Alicante Spain.
He is my sister Jackie's youngest.
Jackie, my sister Linda,
and Linda's husband, David 
are going to visit
on Good Friday 
until the following Saturday. 
They booked the trip in February.
I wanted to go
but was waiting to
hear how Miss Ollie checked out
at her doctor visit last week.
She was doing well, 
so I set out to book it with
my saavy daughter Abbie's help.
We had me booked on the same flights.
We were thrilled.
The transaction wouldn't go through,
so I tried a different credit card.
I thought maybe my 
fraud detector wouldn't allow it.
Still it wouldn't work.
Ab called the airlines.
It seems the airlines 
were raising prices and
wouldn't accept any flights at that price.
It went up $800 right then.
I couldn't do it.
Too much $ because
it was already $400 more
than since they had booked.
I was so bummed.
Then I got over it.
 I was going to miss Easter. 
I missed it last year because
this same band of people
went to Vegas to see Jackie's #2 son.
I was going to miss the girls' EE show
that is taking place in my yard.
I had fun stuff coming up
so life was still good.
I had prayed if it is meant to be 
let Ollie's check-up be good.
 I said, well if I am meant to go,
a flight will open up at the original cost.
Jared the #1 son of Jackie
was going to fly from Switzerland 
if I was coming and make it
a family reunion.
Today I got home
and my genius daughter, Abbie
had found a flight.
I am going!
I am flying another airline.
I will be 15 min behind them
at my arrival in Spain.
I will be 4 hours behind them when 
we arrive home in Chicago.
They are going to wait on me.
I have a 6 hr layover in Oviedo Spain.
No biggie.
Language barrier, shmlanguage barrier.
I had 5 years of French.
Maybe that will help.
Jackie and I went to Mexico
for our 45th birthdays
with college friends.
One girl spoke decent Spanish.
She was interpreting
the taxi drivers advice to us
and I said, Lori you do so great.
How do you even understand what 
he was saying to you?
She replied, Janie he was speaking English.
Start praying for me now.


  1. Oh my, reading this I had so many up and down emotions for you. I am glad you are going to get to go. Too funny at the end...he was speaking english.

    Praying for a safe trip there and back for all of you.

  2. Thrilled for you, lady! Start brushing up on your English! Quick!

  3. So excited for you!! I am happy it all worked out. Will miss you! Yep I am with Rebecca on this one. :) Brush up on English...check!

  4. Hey Girl, have a great time. It's wonderful when things work out! Will miss you at BS with the girls.

  5. Bienvendo, or something to that effect. Isn't wonderful that you are getting to go and have a life experience! My in-laws are all Spanish speakers, I find that a smile and constant nodding make me blend in well, also they find me to be the most agreeable relative they have! Ann

  6. Espana !!!! Those are MY people .... how fun for you ! Stuff me in your suitcase and I'll be your private translator - it was my first language after
    all !

    Can't wait to hear all about it !


  7. So I have Abbie to blame for you leaving the country? Lawd. I had no idea I was this behind on your blog. You have too much going on in your life. I can't keep up. Stay home, get chickens and bees. Amen.


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