Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It is a party weekend.
Saturday a close friend of mine
is having her first granddaughter's wedding.
The granddaughter is one of Maggie's
dearest friends.

Casey the bride -to- be, my Maggie, Miss Brittany
The wedding is at the Chautauqua Bldg.
in our local park.
It is an awesome architectural design.
We have full day on Thursday
finishing up the decorating.
Grandma and the mother of the bride 
have been at it since Sunday.
Lots of Ethel Edith furniture and
lots of vintage treasures of my friend's.
I am on board for some cakes.
Sheet cakes....Texas sheet cakes
to join in with lots of other desserts.
Then Sunday 
we have a wonderful day of celebration
planned with my family.
We are celebrating my Mom and Dad's
70th wedding anniversary.

 It is actually on the 28th but with Easter
and the Spain excursion
we moved the party up.
We are going to church with them 
then heading to my house for a lunch and 
lots of visiting .
Maybe I could get some elbow grease
on that project in the back yard...
We are surprising my mom and dad
with a bottle tree for their gardens.
Mom saw an iron one last year
at a garden and iron place, 
but it was pricey.
She has remembered it fondly ever since.
Shhhh.... surprise remember.
It holds 52 bottles.
I posted on facebook
I needed wine bottles
or colored bottles.
The little Saturday bride suggested I call the winery.
An hour later I was picking up
30 bottles for 50cents each.
Clean but with labels intact.
I only got 30 so Mom and Dad 
could get some on their own and 
my siblings could bring some 
to commemorate the day.
I soaked and soaked the bottles.
The red ones' labels slipped right off.
Who knew there were red bottles?

Aren't they pretty?
The green ones were difficult.
The blue bottles were a nightmare.
The labels were cemented on.
I need a manicure now.
But all clean and lined up
is a sight to behold.

I'll take pictures Sunday 
of the finished product.
We are having a card shower too.

If anyone wants to send a card
to them it's:
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Adkins
RR 2 Box 96
Tower Hill, IL
or you can email me or 
leave a message in the comments
and I will copy them off and put them
in the scrapbook
 my sisters Judy and Linda have made.
We are truly blessed to have
our parents both still living.
You can read about them here.
They are an example of love 
for the long haul.
They are their vows in the flesh.


  1. Omgosh..they must have gotten married when they were 10!!! I so hope my parents make it that long...they will celebrate their 61st this May!

  2. that a typo??? 70 years!? No waaayyy! Good for them! That is beyond amazing! I've been so busy painting that I have so much catching up on blogs to do. I don't even know what the Spain excursion is?? Lol! Are you going? I am off to read and find out! ;o)


  3. Happy 70th Birthday Mr. and Mrs. Adkins! Your family is a beautiful testament to what a wonderful couple you are and their love and respect for you is inspiring. Best Wishes from Ann Weissmueller in Orlando, Florida (a blogging buddy)

  4. Oh, dear how typical of me: let me rephrase that:

    Happy 70th Anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Adkins! Your family is a beautiful testament to what a wonderful couple you are and their love and respect for you is inspiring.

    Best wishes from Ann Weissmueller in Orlando, Florida (a blogging buddy).

  5. Happy Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Adkins. Janie speaks so highly of you that I would love to know you. You sound like wonderful people. Have a beautiful day and cherish the memories. Here's to many more anniversaries.


    Sacramento, CA

  6. Love a party weekend! And I also LOVE those bottles! Ohmygosh, they're to die for!!! :)

  7. Woohoo for 70 years! That is amazing. And the words texas sheet cake made me hungry!

  8. What a Busy One you are! (Glad you found your camera...)

    Congratulations to your fine and blessed parents!

    And TELL me about getting labels off of the wine bottles. How DID you DO it? I confess...I gave up! Can't wait to see the final project!


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