Friday, June 3, 2011

For your information.

I read The Beauty and the Beast to Caroline on Thursday.
Today we caught the last half hour of the movie on Disney.
She was freaked a bit at first because he was growling.
She is obsessed with it.
She says "beast is nice" all the time.

Aubrie had her first tee ball game this evening.
When the ball went to the outfield, the entire team ran after it.
No one could get it.
Aubrie spent alot of time waving at her fans.
She yelled whooo after every pitch she missed and swung around like she was swinging with lots of speed. 
She wasn't.
I think theater/drama will be her niche.

Our town is under attack by cicadas.
We  have none on the farm.
We got hail, fair is fair.

Stuart has mowed hay all around our house and Annie's
and I am walking around with itchy eyes and a bulbous nose.
Tomorrow I have to mow the yard so I think I will retain the look for a while.

I have watched every episode of So You Think You Can Dance
which I will refer to as SYTYCD from now on.
After the auditions are over, I will blather about it.
Contain your excitement.

I used to have the girls and my niece come for the Miss USA pageant and we would have score cards and pick our faves.

My girls and I went to see Bridesmaids and I laughed hard.
I also ate too much popcorn and had a Diet Coke that would have filled a cattle tank.

When I was a kid we had a cattle tank for our swimming pool.
We would rub the skin off our toes and fingers by crawling around it being alligators.
We loved it.

We watch every show that has alligators from Swamp People, River Monsters to Hooked.

I read a lot while we watch tv. 
I am taking an allergy pill and hitting the hay. Well, bed...hay got me into this mess.


  1. You my dear have a way with words! I don't think I know anyone who does not suffer from allergies! Such a bother! I work for an ENT doctor so I know the drill!
    Nonetheless, your post was wonderful and made me smile. I will see you later, Hugs Anne

  2. I laughed out loud reading about the T-ball game. I could just SEE it!

    Sorry about your allergies. That can't be fun.

    I watched American Idol for the first time this year. I don't think I'll start watching another such show so will depend on your "blathering" re. SYTYCD to keep me informed.

  3. i laughed at your typing skill :) i am fairly sure you rubbed the skin off of your toes and fingers as opposed to the sink, but hey, you were tired. i find you amusing dear mommy. i very love you!

  4. So should I go see Bridesmaids? We are under cicada attack too!!

  5. ooh that's on my list. i heard it was raunchy but hilarious;)

  6. I laughed out loud at Bridesmaids. I could identify somehow with the lead character.... I have been taping the auditions of SYTYCD because I've been immersed in a local trial that is riveting/sad/engrossing, but hope to catch up and be up and running for Vegas week. I know you have a big week ahead of you, so you all will be in my thoughts. Ann

  7. you are cracking me are so like this in person too. I miss thee. Come here forthwith - things here need you - I be one.

  8. You're a nutbag. Just like my family. Love ya. And Benadryl.
    prayin' hard


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