Saturday, May 28, 2011

You can call me spoiled.

Today I realized I have been 
harboring a secret.
I didn't even think about it.
I was getting ready to head out to babysit.
I had some last minute things to do.
One was to write a check for my angel.
Then it hit me ...
you haven't heard about her.
You know I am a blessed girl.
I am a bit spoiled too.
You have no idea how much!
Three years ago, as you might have read
I broke my shoulder
while rescuing a kitten
from a burning building
washing a window.
Well, I am a neat freak and
one of the first things I did 
was call a friend to recommend a cleaning lady.
She told me about Wendy.

 Aubrie started calling her
my cleaning angel.
I have a big house,
though we use about 4 rooms .
But, it all gets dusty.
All wood floors with carpet
only in our bedroom.
I have area rugs but it is a LOT of  mopping.
I vacuum downstairs daily...
remember these two.

They look like pugs,
but they really are walking shed bags.
I could do it myself after I got well
but at the time I was keeping grand kids
3 days a week at Annie's house.
It freed up my time.
Now since Annie is home
I only have Caroline 2 days.
I am with one of the bunch though,
almost daily.
But, I still have Wendy.
She makes my life easier.
I have more time to garden.
I have time to do deep cleaning stuff.
I have more time to hang with my grand kids.
Time to do fun stuff, like work on my trailer.
I like my home picked up.
I am pretty picky about my house...
open while I work.
But, I do shut them all when I get done.
Just so you know though,
if I visit you 
and you aren't picky...
no judgement.
We are all different, 
no one is better and
no one is worse.
It is just my thing.
I clean some every day...
wipe down counter tops, wipe down fridge,
empty garbage etc.
I really like to clean,
but I like to do other things too.
And I can live without mopping. 
She claims she can't tell
where she has been.
She fibs.


and after:

You may not be able to see it in the pictures.
But I know it is clean. 
The floors are mopped and the showers cleaned.
Last night when I got home,
I could go mow
without even thinking 
about when I would clean.
 I am happy.
Yup, I am spoiled.
I'll wear that name tag.
I have been blessed by the dumb shoulder deal.
You see the thing is 
now she is my friend.
We pray for each other.
We share life.
She blesses me not only with her service
but with her friendship.
She really is my cleaning angel.


  1. Happy FOR you. I SHOULD (but don't) dust everyday. I like things picked up. An "angel" would be nice. I had an angel briefly. The trouble was, I always cleaned before the angel arrived. Couldn't figure out how NOT to do that!

    You're right. I couldn't tell the difference. Except the dogs weren't in the second picture.....

  2. She sounds awesome. I too, need a cleaning angel, although I really don't know what I would do with the extra time. I honestly like to clean and insist on a clean good ever, ever came out of living in a mess.

    Happy long weekend...and Memorial Day, friend. :)

  3. oh, I want a cleaning angel so bad. Off to wash windows to see what I can make happen. (I kid. maybe)

  4. You are indeed blessed to have a cleaning lady, especially since she is now your friend. I hate to clean, and it shows. I have a friend whose mother hired a cleaning lady for her while she was laid up from surgery. The cleaning lady kept pointing out all the dirt and dust, like she was disgusted. Huh? Wasn't she hired to clean? Needless to say, she wasn't invited back.


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