Thursday, May 26, 2011

It begins!

It begins tonight.
So You Think You Can Dance.
I love this show.
I want to jump up and dance around the room.
I wish I were them.
I want to leap.
In truth, I would land in a puddle of urine.
But a girl can dream.
I am so into it.
I will be talking about it.
Stuart won't be watching so 
you will be my confidantes, ok?
I will be watching every Thursday night
or setting the DVR to tape it.
I rarely watch live TV because 
the commercials drive me crazy.
Most times I give the show 15 minutes 
and then I start watching.
That way I avoid all the ads.
I am not so much a fan of the auditons,
but when the competition starts...
I am on it.
So, I'll be watching and 
then I'll be talking. 
We will meet back here and discuss!
So get ready...
Fox on Thursday nights at 7pm Central time.

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