Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I have been busy.
Farmer food again.
I don't love cooking anymore
but, I appreciate the hard work
it takes to plant a crop.
You will see me at the grocery store
way more than I care to be.
I would just about rather take a beating 
than grocery shop.
Well, probably not.
Strange, because I love to eat 
and I love to shop.
I have been working in the trailer,
the playhouse,
and in the yard.
Pictures soon.
Today... random pics from the last few days.
A gift from Spain for Miss O.
Ev's Easter hat from me.
He likes to wear it low and tight.

Caroline ... just because...I wish I could wear her clothes.
Aubrie and Everett stayed overnight.
Mommy was sick.

This morning their mom came to get them for preschool
and a dentist appointment.
I gave Ev a big speech that he could dress himself.
I said "you are going to be 4 in a few months,
you can do it."
I coached him through it.
He was so proud.
Then I look at Aubrie 
who has dressed herself.

  Clearly, she is a testimony to my past coaching.
A proud moment indeed.



  1. So? What's the problem? It was backwards day wasn't it? Creative smart minds all your grandkids have, that's what I say. Ann

  2. you are a blessed woman. a house full of grandbabies...i love it.


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