Thursday, May 5, 2011

What I Know For Sure - 9th Edition

1. We go together like chips and salsa.

2. Jewelry always fits. Purses too. Jeans, not so much.

3.  I blame #2 on chips and salsa.

4.  Little dirty hand prints on my doors is a blessing.

5. I can fold a twin fitted sheet like Martha Stewart would. I can fold a king fitted sheet like Elmo would.
6. God knows our needs.

7. Life is sometimes messy even when it is wonderful.

8. Popularity is fleeting, principles last forever.

9.  In any loving relationship you find true happiness in valuing the person, not in what they can give you.

10. God should be our treasure, not what we get from him.

11.  I  like bright painted toenails on babies.

12. You are never too old to eat a PB& J on a quilt in the yard.

13. The toughest part of a trip is leaving my driveway.

14. I write because I HAVE to.

15. I love the sound a screen door makes.

16. I believe in creation not evolution, but somehow I got chimpanzee hands.

17. People gripe about the cost of a gallon of gas and then pay $4 for a cup of coffee.

18. I could use a good gardener.

19. Service should be the rent we pay for our room on earth.

20. Yammering to you makes me happy.


  1. oh janie these are so good. lots of wisdom there. i write because i HAVE to too:) have a great day friend.

  2. #5...Ha Ha!
    #12...can I come? That sounds right up my alley
    #14 too! too!
    #17....excellent point!

  3. So you have to know, based on my post today, that you had me at chips and salsa.

    I know for sure they are worth the ill-fitting jeans.

    And the screen door thing? YES! Never thought of that before, but yes.

    Love this post...

  4. I am a new follower of your blog and must say..."I love it"!! Thanks for bringing back to mind what is truly important and making me laugh in the process. My #21: Hearing myself laugh out loud make me happy. You just made me happy :)

  5. Always a pleasure to read, Janie! Ann

  6. Love it!! And by the way, #15 is one of the reason's I bought my house!! My screen door sounds just like my great grandma's did!

  7. Oh, where to begin? Where to begin????! How about chips and salsa. :) And number 17: Preach it! But what if I someone isn't a coffee drinker? Much less a $4 coffee drinker is she (ahem) HE allowed to still complain? Just a smidge?

  8. Giggle!!! I fold all fitted sheets like Elmo!!! I am ready for you to start working on your trailer!!!


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