Sunday, May 1, 2011

Welcome Home

I am home.
I arrived in Chicago at 6ish p.m.
then customs, baggage etc...
Home to my door at around midnight.
(7 a.m. Spain time)
My sisters and brother-in-law
were stuck in Madrid. 
They "should" get in Chicago today around 2 p.m.
Stuart drove up to get me.
I was so happy to see his big ol' grin
at that airport gate!!
I have lots of pics to sort,
and many stories to tell.
To say it was an adventure is true.
It was a Murphy's Law
kind of trip
You know the saying...
"Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong."
I am certain God had his hand on us.
We had to separate in Madrid
and me fly on to London, then Chicago.
The first flight from Alicante was delayed
which made their connecting flight impossible for them.
They were to fly direct Madrid- Chicago
My itinerary was Madrid- London-Chicago.
We had no idea how they were getting home or when 
but I had to run on.
Mine was last call when I got to my gate.
I ran and prayed...
what will I do when I get to Chicago and they aren't there,
can I get a hold of anyone to let them know... 
I don't want to fly alone and be stranded alone....
then I clearly heard God say to me...
"You are not alone" and I was fine.
Frazzled but fine.
I ran again in London from one gate ,
up escalotors, a tram, to a bus,
 to more escalators and ran it all.
I made it just in the nick of time.
It was a blast most of the time.
We had a couple of very scary things happen.
We were in God's grace and through Him safe.
I'll be back with pics and the lowdown
hopefully tomorrow.
Stu will be back from the barn soon,
the kids home from church and then
I am holding Ollie and playing tea party,
hunting for caterpillars,
and loving my family ALL the live long day.
I missed you all too!
We had no internet at the resort.
I had it on my phone but couldn't blog to ya all.
I am happy to be back at the keyboard.
I gots yammering to do.
It is welled up in me a bunch!
Be warned...
blathering in the days to come!
God Bless America.
God Save the Queen.


  1. I'm so glad you're back safely! :) Have fun with the family today! Hugs! C.A.

    Oh..PS...the blog is fixed now! Read away!

  2. ugh...i understand that travel stress all too well! so glad you made it safe. love how He spoke to your heart. SO true...we are never alone!!

  3. You were missed. I can't wait to hear about your adventures. And, no, we're NEVER alone.

  4. Janie, I look forward to hearing all about it - warts and all. Life is an adventure. Ann

  5. So glad my walking buddy is home safe! Missed you to pieces!

  6. Now *that's* a farm! Great pic. Eager to see more of your trip... Happy homecoming!


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