Monday, April 18, 2011

weekend festivities

The weekend went great.
I, of course, forgot to take my camera
to the wedding. 
I will post some later as I steal them from others!
I have a couple from facebook to share.
 The bride and her mom 
made all the attendants and the bride's bouquets
from wiring trogether old brooches.
It was cold, but lovely.
Truly a wedding that reflected that couple.
It was very personalized.

My Maggie is the redhead at the back.
Casey even made an adorable belt
to accent Mag's baby bump.

Sunday was a incredible day.
Church with Mom and Dad and then lunch at my house.
Gifts opened and lots of time laughing.

I have got to get better at taking pictures!
jackie and baby brother John
Butch(Judy) and Stuart
John, Cindy(John ) and David(Linda)
 They are always holding hands or touching the other's leg.*tear*
 Cindy and Judy
 David, Mom and Linda
 My yard is  still a judgement please.
Brent the CPA (or CPR as Mom calls him)
was MIA for the final tax work day.

Linda and Judy 
gathered lots of pictures
and made a file folder.
In each is one for each sibling.
Inside theirs is one for each of their children and 
inside the grandchild's are small ones 
for the great grandchildren.
Really cute.

Then Linda put together a DVD.
I cried all through it.
My Dad was so handsome and Mom was a beauty.
They still are.
To see how much the world around them
changed in 70 years
is so something to see.
Cars, fashions, Mom's hair!
It is long but I am posting it for family to see.
Thanks for allowing me into your lives with mine.
I am a lucky girl.


  1. I REALLY ♥ the songs playing in the background of the photo program. How very, VERY special.

  2. LOVE the bouquets...what a cute idea! and the video, your family is all truly blessed to have such an amazing example of true love, so sweet :)

  3. what a darling, precious video!! the pictures were all amazing and the songs were great too :O)

  4. Thank you so much Janie for sharing your family video! I enjoyed watching it a whole bunch! Reminds me so of when my parents were first married in the mid to late 40's and living out in the country, near my father's parents. Your parents are a grand example of how to have a long lasting marriage! Their hand holding and always touching each other is one of the prime keys! My husband and I are the exact same way.. We'd have it no other way!

  5. Wow! Looks like so much fun and so many amazing memories!

  6. What a wonderful are blessed. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I cried during that video. :) Thanks so much for sharing it, Janie. What a love story. My cousin looks preeeeeeeeeeeetty comfy kicked back in that chair, surrounded by that beautifully decorated home you've made. Nicely done, woman!



  8. Oh did the wine bottle tree gift go over? I see it in the background in one of the pictures, but I want to see more!

  9. What a beautiful tribute to a lovely couple! And the wedding party looks so pretty. Looks like it was a wonderful weekend. Ann


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