Thursday, April 21, 2011

new friends

Friday we leave for Spain.
Please remember us in your prayers.
I have written a few posts
to be posted in my absence
and hope to blog a bit 
while I am gone.
Between the time change and just me
I figure I will be awake with time on my hands.
Sleeping has not been my thing 
thanks to my friend, menopause.

On Tuesday I accompanied
Annie, Everett, and Ollie
to St. Louis for Ev's appt.
to have his cast removed.
Aubrie had a date with Grandma RuRu.
We also had the chance to meet 
some very fun people 
from blogland
Courtney and her
If you haven't met them they are a hoot.
Courtney is hilarious and the "two squibs"
make me smile.
Courtney has been such an inspiration 
to Annie and our family.
Both her littles had the same heart defect
that Ollie has.
Both had surgery.
Both are flourishing.
She has given us insight and lots of laughs.

First we saw the doctor.
They removed the cast, did an x-ray and sent us on our way.
Ev loved getting his cast off.
The tech said it would tickle as he "sawed" it off.
Everett laughed the entire time.

After we were given the green light
we headed to the cafeteria 
to meet L.C., Jace and Courtney.
My pictures are not great
as I was so excited to get my hands on them.
They arrived in a little red wagon of cuteness.
 L.C. walked through the room waving at her adoring fans.
Jace wowed the ladies.
He sat on our laps and stole our hearts.

L.C. sat on the table and entertained.
She is tiny and simply adorable. 

Seriously, they had many adoring fans 
in that room in a matter of seconds.
We shared snacks and quick stories.
They had ear appointments and had to hurry off. 

The visit was short and we hope to see them again soon.
Check out Courtney's blog. 
She took great pictures of the day
and there you will see her babies' personalities.
She captures moments with her photos.
She is as adorable as the two kiddos.
You will love them all.
I pinkie swear.

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  1. Janie, first have a wonderful trip!!! Second, please tell that "mean ol paws" to knock of the insomnia nonsense. I am going to tell mine I don't appreciate being hot all the time! Third, what a sweet visit you had with Courtney and her young-uns I will be sure to check out her blog! Ciao! Ann


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