Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spain 2nd installment

I swear there will not be 7 installments 
documenting my week long trip.
I will try not to bore y'all to death.
I will just give you only the highlights.
Good and bad.
After Sunday I am even more
thankful for living in the USA
and so grateful to be home safely.
The world is a scary place.
I am blessed to be able to live in a community
where locked car doors and locked windows and doors
are not a necessity.
I am thankful for Diet Coke.
Coca-cola Light does not taste like Diet Coke.
I am thankful for coffee that doesn't taste like Sanka.
I am thankful that $20 =$20 and not paying
exchange fees and transactions fees so it = about $12.
We live in the best country  in the world.
Spain is a beautiful country.
But I am an American at heart.

On with the trip:
Day 2
We arose late due to the late evening 
and no sleeping on our flights.
 No luggage had arrived.
It was Easter.
The office was only open for 2 hours.
Everyone had a change of clothes in their carry-on.
It was all good.
We grabbed some brunch.
We headed off to Valencia to a big aquarium.
It was about an hour away.
We navigated the roads fairly decently.
David was pretty good 
with all the round-about intersections.
We saw some nice scenery.
I learned a few things at the aquarium.
There was a tank like tunnel you walked through
that allowed the fish to swim above you.
Sharks were over my head.
You can most definitely
distinguish gender when a shark is overhead.

I know the picture quality is not good
but this is a female and it is blatantly obvious
when you are under them.
Who knew?
Well, Linda did because she worked
in a tropical fish lab in college.
Who knew that?
Also, it appears this is making a huge comeback in Europe.

Business in the front, party in the back... 
the mullet is your ticket.
(I saw it several times during the week.)
We had a great time.
The Spanish dolphins look
very much the same as the American dolphins.
The walruses were something else.
The male had spent too much time 
at the El Quixote strip club, I think.
He was worked up ...really worked up.
The female was basically running from him...
walrus style of running
which I guess would be fast swimming.
I was glad to leave that part of the scene.
We finished the day with a search for dinner.
Nothing was open for food, only drinks.
We finally found a Chinese restaurant.
 We opened the place at 8 pm.
It looked like a reception hall.
It was huge.
They had massive amounts of food.
No people though.
Eventually a few people did show up.
We hit a large grocery type store to purchase coffee,
and headed home.
A few missed turns, but we made it. 
Lots of laughs.
Lots of fun.
Another late night. 
Gripping, I know.
It got worse.
Way worse.
Stay tuned.


  1. Shuddering at the prospect of more mullets headed this way (no pun intended),

    and bracing myself - for "the worst" yet to come.

  2. I wouldn't really mind 7 installments.....if they all include mullets ;-)

  3. oh no lost luggage...that's not good. i can't sleep on a plane very well either. traveling is HARD on a person. you were getting there and I was just leaving. i'm in the installment plan too. that's okay i love vacation stories...hopefully everyone else does:)

  4. i still wish i could've gone. you guys and your shenanigans....

  5. You may be "curing" me from ever wanting to travel...

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comment. : ) I will be reading your blog too! Sorry about the evil word verification

    -Robyn http://imarriedthepastor.blogspot.com


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