Monday, May 16, 2011

Countertop confessional

I have a blog but I am old.
I am not tech savvy.
Annie did my blog header.
Annie added the Ollie button.
I know only a bit.
Stu knows less.
Way less.
He just recently started text-ing.
He usually only texts if he can hit reply.
He sends the same text to me every time.
 "how u doing"
Every. time.
I don't think he has ever sent an email.
We are old school.
We are note writers.
We leave them on the counter for each other.
Not every day, but a lot.
Sometimes we write back on the same note.
Some are short, and some are lengthy.
Some are silly and some are deep.
Nothing dirty.
Stu's are always misspelled.
I find it endearing.
We have done it forever.
In the last few years I started saving them.
I wish I would have saved them all 30+ years.
I put them in our "note" jar.

I hope our girls find it comforting when we are gone.
They know we have a good marriage,
but it is a real marriage too.
There are some notes with apologies.
It is not always roses, but it is mostly.
Seeing that jar on that shelf in the laundry room
makes me  happy.
It can take me from mad to "over it" really quickly.
Reading them makes me tear up.
It is one of my very favorite things.
I am a blessed, happy wife.


  1. that. is. precious.

    You aren't old my dear, I don't text. I can't even receive them on my phone.

  2. I kept all the letters we wrote each other the summer before we were engaged....but it never occurred to me to keep the ones we have written to each other throughout the 39 years we've been married. Until now. And now we do a lot of texting :(

    This is one of the sweetest ideas I've come across in a long time. (And you know how many sweet ones there are "out there"!)

  3. Love this. And you are NOT old. So don't ever say that again, ok??

    This is a great idea, I love things like this! Now I am officially saving every note we ever write. Oh god, somebody call Hoarders!


  4. This is an absolutely lovely idea! What precious memories that jar carries! I am misty eyed just thinking about it! And P.S., anybody that carries pink pleather isn't old :)

  5. You've got me misty too and remembering my grandmother. After she passed away at 87, we found that she saved every card and note from my grandfather. They started dating in high school, so there were many. They had a real life too. There are bumps on everyone's road. As a grand daughter being able to look into their world so many years ago was very special.

  6. A truly awesome idea --- a NOTE jar. Love it. And the fact that you have notes to put in it. :)

  7. lol...I have a blog and I'm old !!! My feeling exactly ! I love the note jar idea...and...I even have lots of notes!! woohoo!! and the perfet jar! Mr. Gates (not Bill) might add his too !

  8. Oh my gosh....that is just so wonderful! What a great idea! You 2 are surely blessed!


  9. what a neat idea! that will be my next wedding shower gift, a jar and a note pad, that is so sweet!

  10. sweetest. thing. ever. what a wonderful example for your girls :) your blog always makes me smile :)

  11. You made me 4:30 a.m. My cousin is a lucky man. :)

  12. Love.It. All.
    I am beyond old. Geezin' in fact... I do not facebook. I use no apps on my fancy Droid. Good thing my kids are still too young to be embarrassed. Soon they can taunt n teach me.


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