Friday, May 6, 2011

Mothering is...

1. the best job ever, besides Grandma.

2. a  job that never ends.

3. joy and rewards that never stop.

4. prayers that are continuous for your children.

5.  raising best friends who are truly your best.

6. using spit as a cleanser.

7. learning there are things more disgusting than poop.

8.  knowing kisses do cure ouchies and boo boos.

9. accepting that expensive toys are not as fun as cardboard boxes and dead bugs.

10. understanding your mother was always right.

11. trusting the 5 second rule is a good rule.

12. learning sleep is a luxury not a guarantee.

13. admitting the "poor" behavior can't all come from your husband's side.

14. wishing you had a pause button for life.

15. doing it all over again if given the choice.


  1. good one Mom! I'm glad I realized you were mostly right ;) also that you are my best friend!!

  2. The pause button. Why or why can't we have one? Or a brain big enough to remember every wonderful (or not so wonderful) detail. Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day Janie! Ann


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