Friday, May 20, 2011

Full moon.

When the moon is in the Seventh House
and Jupiter aligns with Mars
then peace will guide the planet
and love will steal the stars.
Well, rather when the almanac says 
the moon sign is right.
Caroline will turn 2 on Aug 20th.
Her baby sister is due 
to arrive on Aug. 22nd.
We are on a mission. 
A moon mission.
It is a mission we have been on before.
Many times.
Potty training.

House breaking as I like to call it.
We use the almanac for guidance.
It works.
My mom swears by it.
Stuart weans calves by it.
I weaned all my babies by it's wisdom.
Annie has weaned by it.
Maggie too.
We followed it with the Reid kids.
It is trust-worthy.
I have Caroline on Thursdays and Fridays.
The sign said start Wednesday.
Maggie did.
 Caroline loves her new potty pants
accessorized with baby knock-off crocs.
The girl refuses to go shoe-less.
Why not- as you can see shoes are slimming.
Yesterday we had a great day.
Lots of sitting and waiting.
Moon time.
Full moon time.
We read, did puzzles, sang, and
 did silly puppet shows
all from the comfort of her throne.
She had several successes.
Every triumph brought a party.
It was a elimination dance party.
But good elimination, not like on 
So You Think You Can Dance eliminations.
Speaking of which it starts it's new season.
This is the real dance competition,
not like Dancing with the Stars.
This show rocks my socks off.
When I watch it I want to plan a Flash Mob.
It is fantastic fantabulous entertainment
and totally off my subject...
The girl is doing great.
She will finish this mission.
I will too.
This is my life.
A sitter of the pot sitter.
Jealous much?


  1. Never heard of planning THIS mission by the moon...but that's one of the reasons I ♥ blogging :)

    Your daughters are definitely blessed to have you nearby (and I know you are equally blessed, Janie).

    Praying for Ollie...Just so you know.

  2. She is like papa greg...he doesn't take his shoes off ever! lol

  3. we used the farmer's almanac to wean the girls...and lots more! we think my sister is going to go into labor within the next week...she is 37 weeks...because of the full moon :) still praying for miss ollie, just put her button on my blog, and for your dear friend who lost her son .....

  4. Oh, yes. I am jealous. But just a "wee" bit.

    (and also praying for Ollie)

  5. Knock-Off crocs are slimming? I'll take 7 pairs please.

  6. Please, please, please let me be in your flash mob! Love that show too! I love your "house breaking" routine and I think you are on to something and need to market this technique somehow either that or the "fake crocs make your thighs appear slimmer". It sounds so much easier than dieting... do they make croc gloves? Ann

  7. My aunt swore by the almanac too...I don't remember the potty training stage of the that weird? We'll be dishing about SYTYCD - way better than that American Idol hooha - and - by the way - my name is Jayme ...and I just found your blog (it shore nuff feels like it....)

  8. Oh, I remember those fun potty training days! I wish I knew about the moon thing back then. I needed all the help I could get with those three boys!

  9. i thought the title FULL MOON was referring to caroline's butt being exposed most of the time...not the actual moon. i'm the smart daughter.


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