Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Power of suggestion

I have a blog buddy.

I'll call her "Suzette."
Actually her name is really Suzette.
I am not protecting anyone here.
She is beautiful
She has is thin, blonde,
and adorable.
I know that is enough to hate her,
but she is truly loveable.
She is witty and kind.
She has a heart for Jesus 
and she really cares about what matters.
Someday I am going to hug her in person.
But she has been a bad influence.
A while back I read about a bad habit of hers
here and
I remember thinking
" how funny, I never do that."
But now I have started to do it.
I discovered I have her bad habit big time.
I wasn't aware of this habit until Saturday.
I thought it might just have been an odd occurrence.
I was making hummingbird nectar.
After I finished I looked around in astonishment.

What the hey?
 I am a neat freak.
What's up with all these being open?
I wondered if I always do this while working.
I didn't know.
Then the next day I had forgotten about it until
I turned around and saw this...

 and this

 and later this...

It is official.
I am a convert.
Now if I can just morph
into the thin, blonde, 
and adorable.


  1. Oh, Janie! I'll probably go and check out your new blog buddy, but for right now, I'm just THANKING' Jesus that (of all the millions of blogs)I "found" you. The pictures of your kitchen are just what I needed this morning. I'm stressing out a bit over several groups of people who will pass through our house over the next few days. Stressin' so bad that I haven't done ANYthing yet.

    Now I see how comfortable I "feel" in YOUR kitchen and just want others to feel that way in mine. I'm crazy about yours - yep! Every single open door and drawer gives me a peek into your wonderful, generous & creative self.

  2. Oh man for some reason that is one thing I can't do. I have to have every cabinet and drawer closed. And they have to be closed all the no clothes blocking them or anything.

  3. BaHAhaHa...your too funny!!! my dear friend and you DO have the most comforting and comfortable....wonderful kitchen I know...Luv ya~~~Carolyn

  4. that is too funny. i have that bad habit too! seriously what's happened to me. i used to be so anal about my house and now i find myself becoming a slob half the time. weird!

  5. That thin, adorable, drawer ajar leavin' cutie is a dear friend of mine. She contagious, ain't she?! : )

  6. Thanks for the shout out Janie!! I, too am a neat freak so it just doesn't make sense. At the end of a spell in the kitchen I do go around and close every drawer + drawer, but while I am in there I am constantly banging my head and my knees on stuff hanging open. I do not understand it one bit. Sorry to be a bad influence ;-)

  7. Visiting from Suzette's! She's a new friend to me, but I'm enjoying getting to know her!

  8. I'm new-ish to Suzette's world too - I think she's hilarious. I don't get that bad habit though. Obviously there are a lot of homes I need to visit so that I can close some doors!


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