Sunday, May 22, 2011

saturday happenings and updates

A big day here on Saturday.

Aubrie Grace graduated Tiny Tech.
*sob* *tear*
She was super excited. 

We practiced her part and her song on Friday.
We had to temper her volume.
She would have liked to scream the song
but I convinced her it was prettier to sing
at a slightly lower volume.
She did well.
Grandma Ruby posted a cute video 
on Facebook.
I tried to download it with
I am incompetent.
Her brother, Everett was in his usual happy mood.
He is a character 
and lives up to his namesake, Grandpa Everett.

After graduation,
Abbie and I visited the garden store,
then took lunch to the men.
We stopped and visited Mom and Dad.
I finally got a picture of the bottle tree.
The one I had on my phone 
I couldn't get to download b/c of it's size.
It had nothing to do with my incompetence at all.

We helped move some equipment, 
then home to plant the purchases.
Sat. eve Aubrie and Ev
had a tumbling recital.

 It was cute.
Ev never stopped moving.
Seriously, never. 
A new mo-hawk for the occasion.
It suits him.
He would totally ride a horse bare back
and swing a tomahawk, like the 
old western movie stereo-type.
He has wild blood that boy does.
Sweet as soda pop and
wild as a mink.
He is like I say
all eyelashes and feet.

If you were wondering,
  this girl has had a great weekend.
She is kicking potty ass. 

You can see this hat gets lots of action.
The pot sitter likes to look good
while snacking her way through
a sit down.

And last but not least, 
The prayer cards have been mailed
to all of you requesting them.
Most are out.
We have just a few left.
Mag and Ab have some at their businesses,
if we missed anybody.
The response was over-whelming.
We are burning up the prayer waves.
Great job warriors!  


  1. Oh my gosh! I am dying over the photo of him with the calf! That is classic! Still praying, btw :)

  2. My prayer cards arrived today. I already posted about it.

    My grandpa was an Everett, too. His business signature was E.W. (Everett William). One of my nephews is named Ethan Everett. I miss my grandfather terribly, though he's been gone many, many years...

  3. Received my pack of cards today!! Will be passing those out in the upcoming week. You must be flat on your back after that weekend. Looks like lots and lots of fun! Ann


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