Thursday, May 26, 2011

I did it.

A while ago Abbie made a decision.
She blogged about it here.
You see, babies with Down Syndrome
are more likely to develop childhood leukemia.
If this happens to Ollie 

I pray they have a match.
I needed to consider this.
I went the website for bone marrow donors 
and read about what it entailed.
I prayed about it and waited.
I wanted my family's support
if I was ever called to help.
I made my decision and ordered my kit.
My kit came and I took the steps 
I needed to be on the registry.
Key facts about the registry are:
  • 70% of people needing a donor will not have a match in their family.
  • Donors do not pay any of the expenses.
  • If you are matched it will take 30-40 hours of 4-6 weeks.
  • There are two ways to donate: peripheral blood stem cell donation, which is most common (non-surgical, looks much like donating plasma....blood is removed, what they need is taken from the blood, a portion of the blood is returned to you) and marrow donation from the pelvis.  

Abbie documented the process it takes to send your sample in.
You just order the kit and 
swab your cheek with the swabs they send.

You return it in a postage paid envelope.
Easy peasy.
You wait and in a couple of months you are on their registry
until you reach the age of 61.
Yeah, I am a little nervous.
If I am a match
I think the needle in the hip bone hurts a bit.
I am pretty tough on big things.
A hang nail will make
me gripe and gripe
but with big things I suck it up.
I had a 10 pounder followed by 3 c-sections.
I had the epidural needle for one and
the spinal needle for the other 2.
Needles can be your friend at times.
Then my broken shoulder surgery 
and following therapy sessions
put those into sissy category, 
so I say bring it.
If I am a match, I am in.
Check out their website.
Maybe you will consider it.
You can decide for yourself.
My actions might save a life. 
Oh, and I have a hang nail, 
so steer clear of me ;)


  1. I think it's wonderful that you are doing this, these actions save lives! And I'm SURE it can't be worse than a 10 pound baby and three c-sections. It's impossible.

    Ollie is precious BTW. I'll be praying for her :)

  2. I would be a donor for anyone - and would be on the list asap but I can't. I have health issues that won't let me do anything, even giving blood is out. But you can bet if I could, I would.

    No surprise to me that you are doing this. That's just the kind of wonderful woman you are.

    Happy Friday. :)

  3. Great information, Janie. Sounds like my age might be against me here. (62) Does it help if I feel like I'm 42 (well, SOME of the time)?!?!

  4. are you stalking me? This is my blog today too...

  5. that's an awesome idea. you are brave. but of course i already knew that about you!!

  6. Oh, I'm way behind in my reading! I love this. Love it. Not even 2 years ago Calvin's hematologists were concerned that they would have trouble finding him a bone marrow match. They were thinking that seriously that he would need the surgery. So scary. He's out of the woods (for now) but this is such a great reminder of all of those who are not. I'm ordering it up, in honor of Calvey and Ollie!

    ps - I'm with you on the Meadowbrook Farm thing. Holey Moley.

  7. Oh I pray someone is a match! Such an easy procedure for what could be life saving! Praying, praying, praying for your family!



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