Saturday, May 28, 2011

For the birds

 Tomorrow Ollie is being dedicated at church.
Lunch is at my house afterwards.
This morning,
I went out in the yard 
and saw my lawn chairs.
Holy birdcrap!
I mean seriously I think condors
may be nesting in all the trees.
You would need a hazmat suit 
to be able to sit in them.
I am not exaggerating.
This spring I purchased
a new hammock for the back yard.
I envisioned me and one of the littles
swinging and reading or singing.
up close...
That is so inviting, no?
It has become an $80 poop wind sail.
 Then while I was gathering up the furniture
in a pile to burn  wash and bleach
I found two dead birds.
There can only be one conclusion.
They crapped themself to death.
I mean really. 
Someone call Bird Watcher's Digest.
They We have a problem.


  1. Oh, I can relate to this one! We have a hammock on our dock and have the same issues. I love lying in our hammock with the breeze off of the lake and reading a book. We've had to resort to taking it down when we're not using it and typing it to a piling with a bungee cord. Which means it's a bit of a hassle to use it. Bah!

  2. These birds are poop machines for sure! You made me laugh! I will be thinking sweet thoughts of the family tomorrow at this beautiful celebration for sweet Ollie. Enjoy your family time! Hugs Anne

  3. Between bird poop and dog hair it is a losing battle around my house!

  4. Blessings to your sweet wee one on the day of her dedication....have a peaceful,blessed Lord's day.

  5. Well you need to get to scrubbin' on that thing...yuck! congrats to sweet ollie. what a wonderful family weekend you've got in store:)

  6. This is too funny!!
    A hammock? Oh I could onlly dream of that!
    Always loved them and dream to have one one day!
    But with out the birdie doo-doo ok? :)
    Happy to be following in friendship...Im purehunnybee and I found you at Taras!

    Deborah xo


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