Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Morning Sun

On Thursday afternoon we had this.
Then on Saturday 
we came home 30 minutes after it did it again.

My plants look bad.
Shredded or beaten up.
We are blessed though,
the corn and beans are still small.
They will recover and grow.
Stu's truck hood is beaten up.
The little red barn roof has damage.
But this morning it was gorgeous.
I sit on my back porch
every morning, weather permitting
and read my bible.
Just me and the birds.
They sing (and poop.)
I do love it.

The sun was so gorgeous this morning
streaming through the trees,
it inspired me to snap some photos.

Notice the bunny 
visiting the fake bunny.
The dogs were not out yet.

I wish I were better at taking pictures.
I am new to it.
In truth, I just wish 
you could come for a visit.
I am way better talking
than taking pictures. 
Come on over,
I'll put the coffee on.


  1. Your pictures are just fine! Nothin' is "streaming" here -- just STEAMING! Wow! Is it ever hot and humid.

    I've gotta tell you how much I enjoy seeing your style...inside and out. I think I see a blue bowling ball, don't I? We have two in our flower beds here. Some people think we're a little "nuts".

  2. Love it all. What a nice place you have for morning reflection. :) Enjoy the day, Sister!



  3. oh janie your farm is just perfect. makes me yearn for home something awful. thanks for sharing. we had that same hail. i'll be glad when it dies down out there!

  4. The fake bunny + bunny photo cracked me up. I just really want to sit and sip coffee with you on your fantastic farm. How am I going to make that happen??

  5. Trying to comment again. Your porch and surrounding yard and property are wonderful and it may take me about 3 days to drive up for that cup of coffee! Hope the damage by the hail wasn't too bad - we had a screen porch destroyed by it several years ago here. Ann

  6. I've spent the morning reading your old blogs. Your yard is so inviting that I want to live there in the trailer. Did Stu make the kids' house or did you buy it at that place in Sullivan? I loved your school photos and you do look like Natalie Wood. You have the same beautiful eyes. But, my very favorite part of all of your writing is how much you love God, Stuart, your girls and your family and friends. You have the biggest heart! Now some questions: did you and Stuart start going together in 8th grade or did I made that up? I hope I can see you somewhere besides a funeral.

  7. I am sitting here trying to find pictures of your home!! I love all the colors and your pink house in the yard is so amazing!! Did you built that? I can't wait for spring.


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